About Us

HomeStyle Depot”,is a home finishing and styling company built on a foundation of over 20 years of real estate experience. With a dedication to customer satisfaction and an outstanding track record of hundreds of completed projects, we are a company with a genuine love for what we do and an unrivaled devotion to getting the job done well.

Integrating the fundamental principles of older designs with the innovative technology of recent years, our designs incorporate the best of both worlds to produce home decorations and finishing that appeal to the senses, the emotions and needs of your family.

Ours is not just a practice of creating ingenious designs; it is a commitment to the satisfaction of our individual customers. We follow the design philosophy that states that every design has its own unique appeal, and since no two humans are the same, different designs appeal differently to people. Thus, our goal is not just to create beautiful designs, but to create those designs that are just perfect for our customers.

Our team of diverse experts helps make this goal a reality. All members of the Santana-Johnas and Parker Family, ours is a bond much stronger than your average business partnership. With a common objective bringing us together, over 20 years of experience in the real estate business paving the way for us, and a promise to provide nothing less than the best quality customer service money can buy, ours is an enterprise you can trust to have your best interest at heart.

“We take pride in what we have been able to accomplish as a family and as a company, but even more than that, we are proud of what we are growing to become to better serve our clients.”

─ The founders; Santana-Johnas and Parker Family